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Guernsey has stunning public paths and parks which are perfect for Walking Therapy.

Laurel Tree Counselling Service has specific routes mapped out and designed for all levels of fitness.

Some people may become anxious when confronting something difficult in a traditional seated, face-to-face interaction, walking in parallel with visual distractions can allow for easier engagement."

Clients who try walk-and-talk therapy often have very dramatic shifts in their thinking about stresses in their lives."

“Working through my issues whilst walking with Zoe has been so helpful in putting my life in order, I have found being outside gave me the perspective I needed in my life”  John P

If you have job related, personal, family or general life stress, or bouts of depression; walking and talking with a trained counsellor can have positive physiological effects.

How might Walking Therapy help?

Counselling can help with:

Walking also has proven health benefits, walking strengthens your heart, helps prevent and control blood pressure and gives you more energy.

Walking and talking with a trained counsellor can help you to focus in on the areas of your life you may be finding difficult.